Featured Artist

The Featured Artist block.

A featured artist, previously referred to as alpha users, are artist who have received the most nominations, comments and likes on a comic, and views to their works. Those that get featured will have their profiles on the front page of Strip Generator for a week. Users that do get featured can not get re-featured for a period of time.

The Time of AlphasEdit

Prior to the version 1.5 update, each month, five users with the top profile hits for that month would get a special title of alpha, which applied for that month. Users that were alpha got special privileges and, at that time, the highly coveted blue square: prior to version 1.5 only alpha users had access to the blue square or those that had a friend who had shared the blue square to their library while an alpha.

A New Age of FeaturedEdit

With the release of version 1.5, the age of alphas were gone and was changed to featured artists. Several things were changed between the two.

  1. Unlike with alphas, the featured artist block only featured one artist.
  2. The featured artist block only lasts for a week: alpha lasted a month.
  3. Featured artists are more prominently visible on the home page, as compared to alphas, who weren't.
  4. Alpha users had a special mark on their avatar to show they were alpha: featured artists don't.
  5. Alpha users got special privileges and were the only ones who could use the color blue: featured artist get no such thing, outside of possibly winning an honour badge.
  6. Featured artists were originally chosen based upon how many people voted for them to be featured: alphas were chosen based upon views to their profile and strips. Currently featured artists are determined by a mixture of people voting a user for featured, views upon a user's comics and profile, the likes they receive on comics, the amount of comments they receive, and how active they are.[1]

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