The masking button.

Masking is a way for a user, in a nutshell, to cut out an area of one object by using another object, or to turn one object into the shape of another object or where those two intersect. Masking is used to create complex shapes and objects, as well as changing the colors of shapes and objects.

Prior to January 2010Edit

Prior to the version 1.5 update, which was released on January 25th, 2010[1], the masking system on Strip Generator was much different from the current version. This version of masking allowed the user to draw the shape that the user wanted to masked out.

As users could draw the area that they wanted masked out, this system allowed for a variety of possibilities. On the other hand, as this masking was by hand, if the user didn't have a steady hand, the masked objects could be jagged over smooth.

January 2010 OnwardEdit

With the update in January 2010, a new masking system was revealed for Strip Generator. This system required the user to use two objects together to be able to mask one of those objects. As this was a drastic change to the way users had become used to masking, many were initially confused on how to use it, but users quickly warmed up to it.

As users now had to use one object to mask another, the masked object now could have a smoother look to it. Also, now masking an object into a different color (ex. turning a character completely red or creating a red triangle) was much easier to accomplish.

Unfortunately, the ability to mask by freehand was completely removed and has yet to return. Thus, users can't create certain shapes they could prior.

Masking GlitchesEdit

Over the years, there have been a few different masking glitches that have appeared in the system.


An example of a shape (triangular and below the arms) appearing due to masking.

Mystery ShapesEdit

A common glitch that has popped up through both versions of masking has been one that causes random shapes, typically black triangles, to appear. Sometimes it would show up in a comic and barely noticeable, but completely ruin another one.


An example of the masking reverting to it's original, unmasked state. The black square isn't suppose to be visible. Comic by qenene.

Masking UnmaskingEdit

A recent glitch that appeared involved masked object unmasking themselves. Objects that were used originally to mask out an object, such as a black square or circle, would appear in the final, published version of the comic strip. This was due to a change in the system and was, shortly thereafter, resolved by the staff of Strip Generator.[2]

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