Theme Packs are a group of objects that are created by artists for Strip Generator in which users on the site can purchase to expand their database of premade characters and objects. Theme packs were first introduced on June 30th, 2010 with the release of version 1.6 of Strip Generator.[1]

Currently there are six theme packs that users can buy. They are the Football 2010 Africa, Zek Crew Promotion Pack, Art Deco, Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine's theme pack.[2]

Theme PacksEdit

Football 2010 Africa Theme PackEdit


The Football 2010 Theme Pack

The first theme pack released for Strip Generator. This theme pack is most notable for giving users the color green which, prior to the release of this pack, required users to use brown and cyan to create it. It also gives you a football! It is the second most expensive, With a price of $7.95!

Zek Crew Promotional Theme PackEdit


The Zek Crew Promotion Pack

The second theme pack released for Strip Generator. While this theme pack didn't give users any new colors to use, it did create some unique characters and creatures that are quite popular to this day; especially Mansion the elephant. It is the second cheapest theme pack, With a price of $5.95

Art Deco Theme PackEdit

Strip Gener

Art Deco Theme Pack

ator's third theme pack was the Art Deco pack. This pack featured many elements from art deco and film noir: with varying shades of gray. This pack also introduced several new guns for users to use: such as the Luger, Tommygun, and MP40. This theme pack is known as the most expensive, with a whopping price of $9.95!!!

Christmas Theme PackEdit

Strip Generator's fourth theme pack featured one of the most requested items from users.... the color yellow. Unlike in the Football Theme Pack, the color yellow isn't set out by itself: it must be masked out by the user. No true explaination is given to why this is... This theme pack is tied with the Valentines theme pack to be the most cheap. It costs $3.95.

Valentine Theme PackEdit


The V-Day Theme Pack

The fifth theme pack to be released is the Valentine Theme Pack. Like the previous pack, this one features new characters and objects related to the holiday in it's title. No new colors were put into the V-day Theme Pack. This theme pack is tied with the Christmas theme pack to be the most cheap. It costs $3.95.

Halloween Theme PackEdit

The last theme pack to be released is the Halloween theme pack, It features horror movie killers and creepy props, as known as the 3rd cheapest and the 3rd most expensive, being in a price of $6.95.

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